Earth Hazards is a source for Hazard Identification and Emergency Preparedness.

The goal of Earth Hazards is to raise awareness and improve disaster preparedness by presenting accurate hazard information in an easily understood format.

Humans cannot eliminate natural hazards, but can engage in activities that reduce their impacts.

Advocate Program

Help bring your community together and get involved! Our advocate program allows new members from cities across the globe to promote increased awareness on Hazard Identification and Disaster Preparedness in their respective communities through social media and electronic communication. Distribute the EH message with our archives of images, banners, badges and information so others can like, share, and continue distribution.

Emergency Preparedness

It is everyone’s responsibility to prepare ourselves and then take initiative to engage others around them to be prepared, too! Preparing our neighborhoods is no longer one person’s, one department’s, or even one city’s responsibility.

Natural Hazards Report

Our resources and habitat are ultimately the result of dynamic processes within our planet, processes that are also a source of danger. Hundreds of thousands of lives will be lost in the next century from catastrophic earthquakes, explosive volcanic activity, floods, and landslides. Investment of billions of dollars will be needed to mitigate losses from these disasters as well as from slower ongoing processes such as land subsidence, soil and water contamination, and erosion. Detailed scientific studies on regional and global scales and decadal timescales will lead to fundamentally new understandings of Earth essential to informing decision makers and citizens alike.

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